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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10th day of Victory!!

Navratri 2012 is over for most South Indians. After marathon golu visits and sundal packets, the glitter and glamour ends today on Vijaydasami, the 10th day of Victory. An auspicious day to begin a new learning, be it Vidyarambam, or any other creative/musical learning. 

This time, uncharacteristically my 10 days have been hectic, filled with something or the other, as varied as attending storytelling workshop on two days, to a story session at Whitefield, followed by guests over the weekend, and crazily driving my son to Gerry Martin's Farm for a nature camp, just because I felt this was long overdue for him.

My aching back and sore eyes are testimony to the hardships endured!!

But the crowning glory to festivities this year was being able to visit the Bombe Golu and Puppet show by Dhaatu at Banashankari. It is a not-for-profit, solely driven by the passion of one woman: Anupama Hoskere who creates, conceptualizes  directs and executes traditional puppet shows based on Mythology and Historical themes.
Wait...there is more, she and her team also handcraft most of the puppets and dolls, which are used in her productions and also displayed throughout basement area of her residence. 
It is an amazing collection (of 18 years!!) and retells many stories, scenes and tales from the Mahabharatha, Ramayana and Krishna Avatar (Bhagavad Gita). So many stories that I could only glance at; so many stories that left me awestruck at the depth of knowledge of the creator.(The traditional steps was also there, 15 in all!). 
Tirupathi and Vaikuntam in a corner shared space with Banaras/ Varanasi Ganges river front made from wood and there was even an irresistibly cute Ganesha's cricket team!!  
Unfortunately no photography was allowed and I can only say this is a passion to behold. If you are in Karnataka state during Navratri then surely drop by to see this stupendous commitment and dedication to traditional values and art forms.

As I have no pictures I leave you with some shots of the Mysore Palace all lit up that we captured when we last visited there. As you know Navratri celebrations were created during the Vijaynagara Period, by Krishna Deva Raya and his people, and the current version of the festivities have been refined by the Wodeyars. So today, on the 10th day, the special "Ambari Anne"(Arjuna this year) carries the howda with the Devi on it, which has been supplemented in the modern times with floats and police displays.