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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 2 at YOKE- More stories and puppet making

The day dawned pretty early, not withstanding the late night (we stayed up to watch the Garuda Sevai- a procession through the streets where the main Vigraham /idol is carried on a beautifully flower adorned Garuda all around the streets. My son thought the idol would actually be carried on the back of a real bird!! Alas the lack of knowledge of a city bred agnostic family! Though I have seen and participated in such late night jaunts by the Lord through the bylanes of Mylapore, for my son it was a brand new experience. Yet in a blink of an eye, the dancing boys, chanting Vadiyars and tall, muscular bearers passed by and we returned to our room; a memory to be stored), we got ready and made a quick visit to the Courtrallam Falls, along with another friend and the NalaBagam (server of divine food!)of our stay.


 The meaning behind a name and taking ownership and how we live up to our names formed the first part of the second session. I had goose pimples just doing this with the kids, as they discovered hidden truths and new perspectives through our simple name analysis. Giving every one a heightened sense of self worth.

My daughter's story of a Chinese boy and his honesty (which she told in Tamil, for the first time!) was followed by a story of Bhasmasuran and Mohini that I had chosen specially for this group. I then walked them through a simple Problem Identification/ Problem Solving model for Decision Making and I know the older group were keenly following and absorbing what I said.

Yet again the Puppet and Craft making was a hit, as I had brought along all material to make a Bhasmasuran envelop puppet and a simple spoon puppet Mohini.
The day wound down quickly as we bid goodbye with a heavy heart.
Divya wanted to know where I get my ideas from, while the most poignant moment was to hear Mani ask "When are you coming back?"

As I follow my heart, listening to the moment calling to me...I know I don't have an answer...but I know for sure if his heart calls me hard enough and if I allow myself to follow my heart then I will be back with the children of Kodaganallur, showing them the path that stories help us take.

Thank you dear YOKE children and adults...and don't forget to follow your heart (you already are).