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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pride of place! Golu 2012

This time I have something to show off!!

Son decides to do Warli...inspired by what I was dabbling with
..... and here is what he did:

So we got it framed and there it is at the centre of Golu 2012
Doesn't it look magnificent?

Rangoli inspired by some wonderful pieces we saw on Commercial street, you can take a look at that over here 

An enlarged view of the "pride of place' painting

Do not miss the little side Golu done by daughter and son
Gandhiji celebrating Pongal at Sabarmati: conceptualised and designed by daughter
The posters were also made by daughter at different times that she chose to pin up here, which so perfectly belong to the mood and theme of our current times

Hope you enjoyed our Golu 2012 as much as we had fun, fighting, bickering, rearranging, assorting, placing, cleaning, and organising this season's Navaratri Hangama!