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Monday, September 21, 2009

Golu 2009 sequel: The completed version...and some on!

So here is the completed version of my Golu. The rangoli, is done, I have lit the lamps for all to see. and the park/zoo is also there!!
I know there are grander shows out there, but with my creative limitations, I have endeavored to do my bit!

My daughter Uthara helped out with the park and zoo....I am sure she would have enjoyed being Chennai, where the enthusiasm is much higher and variety much larger. Some time in future when we settle down south I hope she is able to soak in the festive air of Navrathri in the South.

Here in Kanpur, within the airforce the last 3 days are significant, starting from Ashtami, then Navami, then Dasami. All three days are marked by pooja and cultural shows. I am looking forward to my first authentic Gharba with the Gujarati Association...and also plan to visit the Bengali Pandaal.
I have seen Durga Pooja by the Bengalis, it so happens that the area where my family lives in Chennai, has a very active and vibrant Bengali community and we have visited and even danced in their functions some Navrathri. They take their pooja and their culture very seriously!!

I must say this is one talented community. Especially here in our Airforce Unit, most of the enthusiastic participants for cultural shows are the Bengalis! Every one of them has some passion/interest. Be it playing the Tabla, Dancing or Singing the Rabrindra Sangeet, for sure the ones who come forward with enthu are from this community!
No comparison, and I play the part of the reluctant participant many a time, but South Indians, especially Tamilians I find are not so forthcoming, they would rather sit at home sipping their hot filter coffee than sweat it out on stage. As a community we don't do things together, we prefer privacy and keep ourselves aloof from public displays!! (if you have different views/experiences, please tell me).

I am primarily talking with my defense experiences in mind, as I am most aware of how this community interacts. As the air force has quite a representation from all parts of the country and I have been a keen observer of this phenomenon. I do feel we are reluctant to take center stage as a community, we prefer the audience mode.
Yet some of the most talented Singers/Dancers will be found amongst Tamilians, for most of us as children, have trod the well worn path to music /dance teachers, as diligently as we used to go to school.

Maybe we lack in confidence as a community. I have seen 2 significant aspects that influence this thought process. We are under confident about our looks, and our communication. The darkness of our skin, keeps us away from a predominantly "Fair- philic" society. This again is not a prejudice, but a conditioning. The over sensitive Tamilian would rather keep away from this, rather than assert and fight for a place amongst their fairer brethren. It has to do with a basic nature and a historical tendency towards peace and non-controversy.
Though the Tamilians grasp of language is extremely quick and fast, again we lack n confidence and feel shy over our "accent". I find over here, that even if we know and speak Hindi, there is a basic reluctance to express oneself, as we are very conscious of how it sounds!. So we shut up and sit down!
I guess we need to develop some Kick ass, Bindass attitude to get out of such mind sets...
Tell me your thoughts...


  1. SS, I agree with you in many many ways.I travelled all over India as a child-except for the South. And yes, South children are brought up very differently.North Indians make their kids very confident and outspoken from the very early stages.The kids (and adults)are ready to dance at the drop of a pin - but we shy away in embarrassment.
    And yes, the skin color plays a very big role.Most Southern kids are teased terribly for their accents and color-many develop complexes as a result.Even the Southern food - one of the best in the world- is made fun of.
    One has to be very strongminded,confident to cope with this.
    But when those Southerners come back South-they are very con fident! Living in the North/West toughens u up in some ways.
    :) have I bored you too much? Till I got married and moved South, I lived in Dehradun, Ahmedabad, Broach,Baroda, Calcutta, Assam, Dehradun......So......

  2. thanks Lakshmi....yes i have to constantly tell my children to be more assertive with their friends...I hope like yu say when we move down south they will be much more confident..thanks for leaving your thoughts..they are valuable

  3. Hi Sowmya,
    Nice blog, one thing we must agree in our cases is how we are brought up and what our family values are. Basically I have seen a huge difference the is the family traditions, In ours we are asked not to do so many things in public (including dancing, express yourself in front of elders,.....) and it is considered impolite, we are used to that environment and lived in a shell, it will take time to come out of the shell.

  4. Very true nands, as a community we are very inhibited, which has been passed down over the generations.