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Friday, September 18, 2009

Golu times 2009


So here is our teeny weeny Golu in Kanpur...have not done much in terms of theme, Uthara and I still discussing it!
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We have entered the most auspicious season for most Indians, be it Hindu or Muslim. Navrathri as we say in South or Nawrathra in the North, marks the period before Dussehra.
South Indians keep Golu, or the doll festival, usually followed by the Brahmin Community.
North Indians observe fast. I must say they do impress me with their will power. My neighbour starts the 9 day fast "NirJal", meaning she goes for 24 hours without even water. I cant manage a fast for even one evening. (Gave that too up when I started having severe gastric problems!!)
I for one enjoying keeping the Golu, and of course the socializing.This time as we are all convalescing post viral fever, I have not done much preparations. Still we have couple of days to finish the Golu.
Come and see my pictures, nothing elaborate...

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  1. this is def my favorite time of the year !!!

    the rains...golu...navaratri...visiting houses and eating chundal..yummy....diwali...running up to christmas and new year...damn...the years almost over already !! enjoy the festive season...