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Friday, February 26, 2010

Quest for Self

The more I read, I find I am delving deeper into myself.
Unless we are capable of valuing and applying concepts to our own lives, it is not worth trying to impart it to our future generations. The other way to see it is as we share such valuable knowledge, we also apply it to improve our lives. It works like an equation...or come to think of it in Chemistry we have a symbol for  a reversible reaction, and thats how I see this.
As we Share we also Gain...  

This time it is a challenge to prepare the content for a Life skills programme for students between 12 to 16 years. I did not start thinking of it this way.
It all began with a need for counselling as there is a high incidence of children either running away from home unable to cope with the exam stress or just plain running away.
I want to do this with stories, yet do not want it to turn out like a moral science class. I have nothing against such sessions, only that to treat such valuable sharing by using a text book format  may just kill the child's natural desire for self improvement and understanding.

As I searched for ideas, I came across EI, and I had the bingo moment. This is precisely what is lacking in me, as much as in any child to whom I may be sharing this with.
Emotional Intelligence is in lay terms an ability to identify and work with emotions. To understand oneself and others, manage stress, adapt to change and be socially responsible....
In all accounts I found I was lacking and the realisation dawned in me that  most of my inabilities stem from poor Emotional Intelligence...
I am aware of this concept and have heard quite a bit about it, but in spite of being in the field of psychology why did I not use/apply this knowledge?
I can only delve deeper and say this. We fall into certain patterns of behavior which we hold onto and refuse to let go, and only when push comes to a shove do we actually take that first step towards taking greater ownership of our own life.

So here I am trying to make an interactive programme with Emotional Intelligence as the crucial and essential skill for life. I know what I want but am still struggling to put it down in a concrete workable format.
As I read up on this topic, I realise I could have done many things in the past in innumerably different ways.

Its difficult to digest this thought yet I know this is a beginning for me as well. I always find that a quest for one thing leads me to something else quite unexpectedly....


  1. check my mail in your box.

    BTW coming to your post EI is lacking even in parents today. They have to instill that in their children. OF course schools can help but a workshop for parents also is a must in today's scenario.I have also blogged about this.IF you find time read my post on childhood then and now dated feb o9.

    Best of luck for your life skill modules. From your writing skills it is evident you will make a sucess outof this program.

  2. Hi,

    I started to follow your blog after I read the post "What is Inspiration?". At that time I really lacked hope and looked for inspiration. But after reading 'What is inspiration?' I felt somewhat revived.

    But after that you posted things like 'sadnesss' and one blog about that LPG gas. I was annoyed.

    But now it seems you are back on track.

    YOU! have the power to change somebody's feeling. You have the power to change everything. Our country need people like you.

    Please Go Ahead with your +Ve posts.


  3. hey NV...i am touched...I just write what i feel/think at any given point of time...and it keeps going up and down/forward and backward...
    But yr comments have really made me think that we do impact people with the written whatever minute way...
    i will try to say more positive things...but negativity is also in me...i guess i am constatntly trying to balance the yu...
    cheers man!