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Monday, November 15, 2010

Children's Day Special

Children's Day
The best time for storytellers!

I got super busy doing back to back telling sessions for kids. Sunday and Monday were packed with 3 story sessions and a workshop!

Telling a story where there is no defined space is a little tough. I feel a little vulnerable as I cannot guess or get a feel of who is watching me. Other wise it was great telling at the Bangalore Book Fair for Pratham books.The story was a lovely one about a Himalayan Bear called Bhabhloo Bear's Adventure.
Check out the write up on the Pratham Blog

My other super session was at an orphanage for which I was invited/sponsored by a friend who runs a library. Kannada not being my language for telling, I was not so sure, but my friend had done her homework well and it turned out the children could understand English very well. The children have switched to English medium just last year but I can tell you their understanding was excellent. It was a story called Mohini and Bhasmasura. A wonderful tale of courage and fearlessness shown by a young girl of 10.
I felt quite honoured to do this session for a group who really enjoyed the story and the message behind. I wound up that session by giving all the children a book mark with courage and confidence as the message on it.

Tolkein and Rowling tell stories with magic but for me Telling stories is magic!!

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  1. Sowmya Keep it up...I am learning from my sunset years that it is most difficult to get children attention if you don't know how to tell stories to them..and my mother had this knack and you have picked it up from her very well indeed..Ramu Chittappa

  2. Loved reading about your experience, can you also post the stories so I can read them to Gautama... and a book mark is such a cool thing to give to the kids... neat Sowms!!

  3. Sowmya, this is so wonderful! I wish u were in bbay and then I could send samhith to you to hear some wonderful stories! Samhith's teacher was recently asking me if i could come and tell stories in the class, and while i can write them pretty well, am no good at storytelling the way u are.. thought of you then too!