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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Conversations with God

Ok, I've never done a book review before. Only shared my stories and thoughts.
A book review you would or could point out is also a story, but, with the undiluted author in it.
I am a questioner and most of my learning happens when I question, discuss, argue, express, debate, discuss. Yet I can clam up if I find my co-debater is not interested, has no opinion or is just not that type.
That's when I go look for a book.

I don't go much for self help books. There is a bit of a hypocrite in me. Its not that books don't have answers for me. Not at all, in fact as I have mentioned before I go to books for a lot of my inner wranglings. Yet I find it difficult to pick up a book under the "self help" category and stick through with it.

Men are from Mars was one, Monk who sold his Ferrari(I did go back to this book recently and actually read it, back to back).

That makes me understand myself and my reading habits:
a) The books I read or I stick with is greatly dependent on my frame of mind at that particular period in time.
To elaborate, it simply means I have to really want or feel the need for a book and if I read it then, I can internalise what it says.

b) I read fiction in 24 hours.

c) I am still not ready for non fiction. Husband is prodding me to read Black Swan.

d) I can read 2 or even 3 books at the same time ( I have a cousin who did this when we were in college and I used to scoff at her attention deficit!). But now I find this a very engaging way to move between different thought worlds.

So now I am here to share with you the fact that I am paralleling between Eat Pray Love and Conversations with God.

The first is a very new age Self Help /Autobiographical read, while the second is is a book with its first edition in 1995!

Yet the message from both is so uniquely same and relevant to me, that I was picking up one book for a day, dumping it, then the other for a day and dumping that....Finally Conversations won and I finished it like a swimmer who holds his breathe for the last lap and presses forward for the win.

It is unique to say the least.

I am now a convert in terms of my Thinking. I go around telling myself "I have" and "I am" and try desperately to wipe away the "I want" phrases. If you cannot understand what I am saying then go for it. If you cannot identify with what's written, at least you will appreciate the manner, the style and the conversational, chatty tone.

Neale Donald Walsch is truly a gifted writer having a way with words. An uncommon dialogue indeed.

The book in fact has been lying around our house from 2006, and once again I can only say this, I always feel a book finds me and not the other way around.



  1. I understand what you mean when you say the book finds you:) Happens often with me as well....