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Friday, November 19, 2010

More conversations...

Here are some more words that I carry with me...

Very few thoughts spring from self produced data, much less self produced preferences. The mind is filled with reactive thought- thoughts that spring from the experience of others.

For example ( he says, and I love this) is our root thought about money. That it is bad ( it's great to have money, how can you not benefit from it?!). So we run around and lie to ourself and tell yourself we don't like money which becomes rooted in our thoughts.Which in turn prevents us from honestly reaching for it.

From early childhood I remember these words echoed in my ears and the negativity associated with money. Frankly money is not the root of any problem it is only how we use it that can cause problems.
Unfortunately these very thoughts about money makes it difficult for me to turn into an entrepreneur and I have to deal with many internal issues when it comes to charging clients/people for my sessions.
You see; we are raised thinking, asking money ( albeit for a good cause )is wrong. This may seem a little atavistic to the modern reader, but it surely exists in me as a conditioned learning. So reading here, words to effect that say we need to recreate new thinking about money and its presence/ value in our lives, is a tremendously liberating idea. One that is congruent with the questions that I have been asking myself.

A small point that I make here is that personally having chosen to walk an uncommon path, that is Special Education when I was 21, again it was assumed that I was in it for my highly developed sense of social responsibility and altruism.
Not at all, I always wanted to make money from whatever profession I chose, yet the struggle was doubly difficult as the challenges in India to make these jobs lucrative is very high. Unless one also supplements with house calls and tutoring on the side.
Yet now having moved on and found my calling and passion in Stories, I am faced with similar challenges as people assume that a job that gives me so much of happiness must be shared free of cost!
Asking and taking money for something that you love to do and that which you do very well is very much your fundamental right!
(I am not there yet....will get there!!)

So now you see how I have been blown up and away by a sea storm of words, a conversation that echoes its wisdom in my ears.

I now view my relationships, my core values, and my being self with greater regard than I ever did before.
An awakening you may say.
A period of restlessness and questioning.

With that I sum up my review, albeit a hotch potch, a haphazard statement of thoughts and words. The essence of the book I believe is here in 3 pieces for you to savour, while the main dish awaits you in any book shop.
There are 2 more conversations, but I believe I am not yet ready to pick up a sequel, it may mar the feel that I have for the first.

Well like I said before...I will wait for it to find me.....!!