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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another story, another audience

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The story of Shambala, from the Kalapa valley told by Waltar Fordham was the story for my telling today. We flew to Tibet and the cold valley mountains along with Iliana the brave and courageous girl who travels afar to face many challenges, meet some fantastic creatures and ultimately to find the Sun of Human Dignity within her.

Every time I tell this story I feel a thrill, I feel the magical connection with Iliana and every other human who has embarked on this journey called life.

The same wonder is mirrored in the faces of the children, though what they take back is definitely far far different from what I get in the telling. I can see the wonder in their eyes as Iliana travels through the snow and meets some fantastical creatures.

Its not just a story it is the experience and just as Iliana goes through many emotions; wonder, fear, joy, sorrow, thrill, defeat and pain. I see the way our own lives is but a kaleidoscope of feelings. If we see the wonder and amazement of actually living a life that gallops through this gamut of feelings, we can then see ourselves as adventurers, stumbling at times, confident at times, ecstatic at times, despondent at times.

Yet these are all but elements of a journey that makes for fascinating living.

So you can see that easily this is one of my favorite stories to tell, and today, even the 3 year old was rapt attention as we walked like the gentle tiger, pranced like the frisky lion and soared like the great Garuda.

You can hear the story...please do, I simply love