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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Excercising Rights...

I feel a little embarrassed, a little sheepish, a lot of pain and sheer squeamish to say this. But I have to:

My maid came to me this morning and asked for leave. That's not new.
She is brand new though. After 6 months of maid come-maid go,and walk in rate of 3, I got some one to do the sweeping and mopping...that's a job I could not take on myself.
I have to draw the line somewhere....

Well within the first month of work she took off 3 days, yet I don't cut salaries and I let it go.
But within a week, yesterday to be precise, she comes to me with "Akka, I want leave".
( Now her addressing me "Akka" has a funny story behind it as well...two days into work, half way through the sweeping, she looks at me with a serious expression, gives me a pointed look...
"What shall I call you? Akka or Madam?!" I did a double take, wondering where this is coming from...and then it struck me...with a quizzical expression I asked her, her age...and she gave me a very supercilious look (my interpretation!) and proudly stated she had just completed 35 and was entering her 36th year.

I gave her a wry look..."Call me Akka...cos I am 36 going on 37"

...and then I saw the jaw drop....I know...its difficult...especially with the way I dress and the way I talk...probably looks like I am a teen...hehehe).

Any way coming back to my topic...she asks me for leave. My every cell registered its protest...and I was about to deny her this privilege, when she hurriedly said...
"I need to go to my hometown to vote. I will leave tonight and will be back tomorrow night"


Just last week my partner was chiding me for not even locating my Voter's ID card...and here was a responsible citizen of my country, who was spending money to exercise her rights and responsibility...

Of course my partner claims her trip must be sponsored by some political party..and I don't deny the truth in that...

Yet she is taking her responsibility seriously isn't she?
....and I still can't find my Voter's ID