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Monday, April 25, 2011

She and I are the same....

My son came back from school and as usual the auto chap had ditched them and they had to come back in the hot sun.

(Unusually hot this summer Bangalore is fast losing its green cover, I see wonderful avenues denuded in the name of expansion. Yet this topic is a double-edged sword as the roads are pretty narrow and one can find heavy, heavy traffic lumbering through snaky picturesque narrow lanes.)

He was upset for many reasons. Having had to carry two bags (he was helping his sister), and feeling hot, and as he had not eaten his fill at school. Even on half-days he carries a good solid meal to school, as hungry boy is a seriously upset boy!

So today he was upset and angry. Throwing his bag on the floor and kicking his shoes here and there. He removed his belt and socks, yelled for some water and kept shouting and yelling. I had no idea why...

So cautiously I questioned him and he said;

My teacher did not allow me to eat today. I am so angry with her.

But why?

She doesnt like us eating inside the class.

But why?

Because we spill food

Then what does she want?

She wants us to go out and eat.

Ok,why didn't you?

Its too hot.

So you did not eat.


But, that's not right...

Yes, but she and I are the same. So why can't I eat inside?

Sometimes we are stymied by the words children use. Obviously my son was referring to the "human" factor here. His ability to eat inside without spilling is overruled by an inability to see that sometimes rules are pretty useless when that very human factor of discretion and flexibility is ignored.

A child can see that...

He could also have meant that she is equally capable of spilling...just as well as him...