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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bangalore Green Walk

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Sunday Morning: Imagine lazing in bed...time just rolls by...breakfast merges into lunch.....
Sunday Morning: Alarm blasts into your ears. You spring up with a smile on your face, brush and bathe. Not to beat your pace, even the kids are all excited. Brushed and bathed, jackets,walking shoes and water bottles ready.

Yes, I decided to go on the Bangalore Walk with the family last Sunday. Luckily and Happily, my family too shares the same enthusiasm that I have to soak in flora and fauna early morning!

We reached the huge megalithic rock that dominates Lal Bagh, to meet Mr.V. History, dates and facts poured out of him and we lapped it up like kittens.

The megalithic stone is estimated to be at least half the age of the earth!
Hyder Ali who started the Spruce and Cypress garden here, did so on an arid, barren land.
Tipu Sultan was instrumental in importing many new species from all over the world.
The diverse species of trees and plants grow here with no special intervention, and one can find Chinese trees rubbing cheeks with their kin from North America

These are just a few bare facts that I mention here.Many more wonderful observations, stories and facts were thrown into the morning as we walked around Lal Bagh. Looking at trees and plants in a way we have never before.

Mr.V has been doing this on every Sunday for the past 5 years. Fantastic!

The break in between saw us all having some packaged buttermilk/orange juice, Chikki( peanuts in jaggery}, sesame balls rolled in palm sugar and dried figs.

But the finale was break fast at MTR, with their sinful Ghee roast dosa/ masala dosa, Rava idli. Chandrakala and Gulab Jamun for your sweet tooth, and top it up with some degree Kaapi(coffee)!

Tired but replete we returned home to sleep off the Sunday.

Another Storytelling expedition that makes me happy to be one!

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