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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sequel-Navrathri 2010




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Here is my sequel.

3 steps as usual, with a small display on the side.

The story U selected was so spontaneously done that I was quite impressed with her.

It is the story of Narada, and his little pride! Narada asks Lord Vishnu to point out the most truthful devotee, expecting the Lord to acknowledge him as one. But Lord Vishnu points out a hard working and poor farmer, who takes the lord's name every morning and night. Narada is offended, as he believes he utters the Lord's name every second!
Lord Vishnu then asks Narada to carry a cup of oil around the world without spilling a drop. Narada does so and is proud to return with not a drop spilt.
Yet, when the Lord asks him, how many times he took His name, Narada was then able to see the truth behind His words!
The farmer, in spite of all his troubles and worries could think of the Lord, but when employed in a similar manner Narada completely forgot to take His name.

For me this story is significant, not because of my piety, but because I believe in the power of prayer and surely by choosing this story my daughter somehow touched a chord.

Hope you enjoyed the story.