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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who is not a Storyteller?

* Storytelling is a human universal, and common themes appear in tales throughout history and all over the the world.
* These characteristics of stories, and our natural affinity toward them, reveal clues about our evolutionary history and the roots of emotion and empathy in the mind.
* By studying narrative’s power to influence beliefs, researchers are discovering how we analyze information and accept new ideas.

I have reached a stage in life when I run from definitions and formulae. Do I want to define anything? Do I have formulas for anything?

What does this have to do with the link and the points I have copied above?

On the surface they may not be related, but to me while I run away from such boundaries and lines, I am still searching internally for a common thread that binds my scientific side to my irrational side.

That's where I find storytelling.

I find when we tell stories we can fuse facts with fiction, and the merger is primarily what constitutes most of Evolutionary History and Scientific Inquiry.

Scientists fantasise about their theories, corroborating them with facts they tell us a story.
Historians collect facts and then place the people and emotions within a context to tell us a story.
Psychologists gather human emotions, thoughts and feelings to place them in scientific patterns and make their stories.
Physicist and Mathematicians by far are the most fascinating storytellers, as they delve into abstract worlds of numbers and concepts, to understand which we need to garner amazing amounts of imagination!
Biologists tell us stories of Evolution.
You get the point.....

Who is Not a story teller you tell me?

Nowadays when I listen to people talk, I hear stories.
I hear the source of their stories, I hear the context of their stories, I feel the characters, I feel their emotions, I see their narrative!

I believe it is a world I never want to leave...where facts and fiction fuse into a sensual world of words.

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