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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Navrathri 2010

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Ok! folks!
Its on! I know.
Its time for Golu, Sundal, Sweets, Vethilai, Paaku, Gifts, Kumkum, Girls in pretty Pavadais, Maami's in Kanjeevaram silks,Diamonds and gold, Heaven on earth Jasmine, Agarbathis and Dhoop, Dolls and Stories, Creativity and Kolams, Carnatic music and Gossip, and not to miss out Wry faced husbands who find their pockets emptying fast!!

I wonder how my mother and before her, my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandmother had the enthusiasm to do this year after year with unflagging happiness and joi de vivre?!

Mine is almost non existent, blame it on the transfer I say!

How long am I going to use this excuse....till new year I guess.

From August onwards, Hindus take a nose dive into functions/festivals and general happiness. Starting from Ganesh Chathurthi till it hits Karthigai (karthik poornima)in the month of December, we are constantly challenging ourselves in the cullinary way, and every other way! Trying not to give up on age old and much loved rituals and practices and at the same time trying to balance career, home, children's school, dance and music practice( add any sport of yr choice) for our modern day offspring!

Phew, what a life sir jee?!!!

Yet I remember my mother and grandmother doing this and much more with equanimity( I think) and zest year after year...except for the odd year when a bereavement would force the family into mourning.

This year my mother did not set up her usual Golu, for the above reason, and though mine is up, with the first instalment of photos here for you to see, I question my commitment to the cause, primarily as I struggle from post transfer fatigue( still recovering) and of course minimal maid help( got one to do the mopping and sweeping...yes!). I also view with envy at the wonderful Golu set up by dear ones...check this one out on my friend Anu's blog...done by her Mom. I wish mine looked like that...please imagine it does...till I do post the finished version, tomorrow...

BTW, Navrathri is well on its way, and I have not yet bought the gifts, vethilai pakku, and nor have I invited my ladies over.... so you see how this boat sails....

Yet the best part for me would be the very nice story my daughter suggested we put up, and which got done just last night...

Check it out on my next post....!!!