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Monday, October 18, 2010

Salut le Raconteur!


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Went to meet this very warm and prolific story teller at a library called Hippocampus.
What was memorable for me was the way she shared her involvement with story telling.
Most tellers are passionate about what they do. Yet developing a unique technique and style is also the toughest part.
This French Storyteller spoke with such ease in a language that she does Not use for story telling; English! That fascinated me.
The other was the fact that she feels comfortable telling stories of Caucasian origin, from Russia. Yet she has no connection with this country. She also went on to say that when she first landed in Russia ( I dont remember which city she mentioned), she felt she knew the place before. That is the connection and identification that goes with story telling.
One can travel to so many different worlds through a story. Isn't it amazing?!

Her prolific collection of stories are gathered from every part of the world. The stories themselves published in French are organised for every day of the year. "365 stories" is how she presents it, and one can go to lets say 7th July and if it happens to be your birthday then there is a story to read or share on your special day!I thought that was very creative!

She also collects musical instruments, and you can see one at the left corner, from Brazil. How one would use a musical instrument or for that matter any aid/prop is completely up to the teller.

Storytelling in our country is not viewed in the same way as in European or American society. I believe our own story tellers are so rooted in tradition in vernacular and in religiosity, it is difficult thinking of Story telling in the contemporary way that other societies perceive it.

Of course there is no need to follow the west! Keeping the traditional method, we can tell a modern tale. Now that is a thought I am going to work on!


  1. Hey, this is wonderful!! did u get the books??? would love to....any idea if i can get them here??? and i've heard so much about Hippocampus.. wish there was something similar here too... am missing so much! this is the only thing which i envy you b'lore ppl for!!

  2. No Anu, It did not occur to me to buy the books...they were in french though:)