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The Writer, The Reader and The Written!!

It’s an interesting relationship. A triumvirate if I may say so: The Writer, The Reader and The Written. The Writer, when she pens the words (or nowadays I should say ‘types!’) has many thoughts running through her mind. The subject is mostly one dear to her heart; a topic that needs to be penned, inked and transferred to black and white. She may have many words that she will put down; she may have many words that she may not be able to put down! Trimming and editing is part of the writer’s forte. Additions and deletions are bylaws. The Written word, is full of meaning, some subtle and some blatant, some simple and some more complex. The mystery and the pathos or the humor and the romance, every line is written to serve a purpose; that of conveying the writer’s ardour. Thoughts and feelings, opinions and facts collide in this world of words. One's choice of words is as important as finding the right formula for the baby's feed!! It is a delicate process; only maturity sharpens