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Success and Failure

Here is a story You have to on the link below..and don't read my blog till you finish reading this:  Success and Failure is something close to my heart Why do we have narrow confining views on what this is? Is Success about having a lump some in your bank account? or is it about  following your vision? Is it as linear as we want it to be? or is it achievable even if we take many diversions and have many reinventions on the way? What does this success mean if it is at the cost of being happy? Why is Failure so repugnant that we fear to experience it? We fear to expose our children to it? It's known by almost everyone that the learning we gain from Failure is far greater than what we gain from only Success. In fact if I look at it in one way I can even say lets learn to rejoice and celebrate Failure (where and why the shame?) Where is the humiliation when every time You Fail while doing something you are told i

Story-Activity Time

Ok folks, Theme Based Story telling is IN! So we did FINDING NEMO at an activity centre ... I must say (with chagrin), I had actually never watched that movie completely, bits and pieces, here and there, and of course more from the kiddos and hubby, who just loves the movie...but as I am the flighty thing, I tend not to really pay attention. So finally my Work (!!) actually forced me to watch the movie. Thanks to the beloved son taking ownership for that, we popped in the movie CD, and while I prepared the props for the theme based Storytelling / Activity time, we also parallely watched the movie. I just loved Ellen DeGeneres in it, totally fit into the character of Dory, I loved the turtles and (that is so cool to show turtles speeding through the East Australian Current)...and just about everything about the movie... What a slow coach I am :) Well the next theme that we did was something closer to kids...very small kids Thomas and Friends theme based Act