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Humour - Wisdom of the Mullah - Persian/ Middle East/ Turkey

Finding Humour in life situations is a skill for the 21st century!! If we can learn this one skill then I feel we have learnt the most effective coping mechanism that will help us handle all the arrows aimed at us by Maya the seducer -  illusionist! Humour helps us see others and ourselves through a lens of tolerance and acceptance. It includes and helps us gain long as we don't get carried away by our own sense of humour! Here goes: Once there was a mullah, a wise teacher, named Nasreddin Hodja. Everyone, from beggars to kings, sought the mullah's teachings, for people said he was the wisest man among wise men. One summer day Nasreddin was wandering through the great covered bazaar of Isfahan. This was one of Nasreddin's favorite activities, for everywhere he saw people he knew. Some had just returned from long journeys, others were selling wares. It was a friendly and inviting place. As he walked along he happened upon a group of men arguin