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Stories that Empower - the other story

Ammi midiththu, Arundhati parththu is a saying that is part of the Tamil marriage culture. Arundhati was the wife of Sage Vasishta and meant to be the epitome of pativrata. Traditionally most women like my Grandmother would idolize this role and play their part to the "t", even eating off the same plate! I wanted to know more about Arundhati and I found a very learned woman who could coach her husband when he had no answers (thats pretty normal and true in most cases!). Yet the story that is amazing here is connected to my opening words... At the wedding ceremony couples are asked to observe the double stars of Arundhati and Vasishta, (Alcor & Mizar in the Ursa Major constellation). Both these are binary stars visible to the sharp eyes. You would believe couples are asked to look at these stars to signify the union should be like the mythological characters - pure and perfect. Nope, that's not it. The real reason behind it is that these stars display a unique beh

Stories that empower

The hangover correctly pointed out by my friend /storyteller! I have not had a more fulfilling time with stories as when she and I put together an event that revolved around women.  "My Grandmother's Hands" is a personal story that tells about my Grandmother and how I remember her through her beautiful, hard working hands.  Wanting some more depth to this story, I looked around for a story that I could tell inside this one - Yes, a Story within a Story.  I got two!! Cut the chase and let me take you to the other story, that inspires me to share it here: SavitriBhai Phule. What really caught my eye, is that married at the age of 9 years to Jyotirba who was 13 years old, this child carried a dream with her to her spouse. This dream was not only recognised by him, but he helped her grow wings and taught her to fly and taught many others to fly too. They belonged to a lower caste and in their village of Satara (near Pune), girls were not allowed any


Stop telling yourself you are not enough Stop comparing yourself with anyone at all Stop examining your strengths and weaknesses Stop all those voices that constantly make you feel less. How many of us can truly say we are free from comparison and judgement? How many of us can truly say we are happy exactly the way we are? How many of us love ourselves and our lives unconditionally? Very few of us. Especially not me. This blog post is not to dissect myself or my life. But to share my concern. Everywhere I read philosophers and healers talking about being present and loving ourself unconditionally. They say be happy, show gratitude and rejoice in other's success for it will lead you to yours. But it is not so easy - in a world that constantly compares and judges you for who you are and the choices they think you are making or not making, it is not easy to show unconditional love. They throw it back. Forgiveness is thrown back with accusations of cowardice. Kindness