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Book Club at Streisand's Art

When we undertake an activity for the sheer pleasure of engagement, then the results we get are un-measurable. With those profound words, I take you to view some pictures; The Book Club I facilitate at Think Box library, is always looking for things to do differently. Last year we visited a Printing Press and had a collection of articles/ drawings by the club members published into a book. This year I really wanted to showcase how illustration and visual images,,can inspire story creation and vice-versa. The options were to interview illustrators, that is, have someone talk about book illustrations or to take them to an Art Gallery to just experience Art in its real sense. This could inspire the children we thought (Bhakti Shah of Think Box is a great support and in fact drives many of these activities). Mails flew back and forth as we tried to find an Art Gallery for kids, that would support us, as we were looking at taking 11 really enthusiastic children

January Tales _ Gandhi's Goat

January arrived on a Jet plane and took off on a rocket! Where did it go? Celebrating the birth of the constitution and the countries pride at being by, of and for the is a tale that appeared in Open Sesame edition of DH in 2004. I found it simply hilarious and so very well written. I was in fact looking for quirky stories around the Freedom struggle and this is what I got enjoy! Deccan Herald, Friday, October 01, 2004 The diary of Gandhi's goat KAVITHA MANDANA takes you through the pages of a very special historic diary! History has been unfair to me, and it’s time I take my rightful place in the story of our freedom struggle. I come from an illustrious family. It was my grandmother whom Kasturba Gandhi picked to provide goat’s milk for Gandhiji when he fell seriously ill at Bombay in 1918. Gandhiji had refused cow’s milk because cows were ill-treated in the process of m ilk-extraction. So it was goat’s milk that brought the Father of the Nation,