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An Efficient Machine - The Human Body - a visual story told frame by frame!

  Characters: ·       Radio Presenter ·       Hybrid the Car ·       Boy / Girl    Scene 1: Racing Track showing a car racing Frame 1 The Radio presenter is seated at a desk with knobs and sound system, talking into a mike, wearing headphones, looking out through a large window. On the other side of window, we can see a racing track and cars on a racing track. ( There is sunlight shining through the right side of the picture, through window.) Radio presenter (Is talking into a mike looking very intensely at the race track, smile on face): It is the final race of the season and our favorite car Hybrid is in the lead. The pit crew want him to change his tyres but he won’t listen…. Next frame shows a Red colour Hybrid Car Hybrid the car is seen at the Crew Pit and the headlights of the car is like eyes, the fender like mouth.: Hybrid: “No No No tyre change, I just need some petrol and battery charge.” Back to Radio presenter Radio Presenter: We call him Hybrid.