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Queen of U -Turns!

I can be called the Queen of U-Turns. I can never reach a new destination without once taking a wrong turn or heading at-least half a kilometer or more away from my destination and then realising something is wrong making that U turn and heading back again. The first vehicle I learnt to ride was a cycle like most of us, but unlike most of you, this was not a simple SLR or even a champ. My first learning experience was an Atlas cycle, male version (yes, with the bar), huge for a 13 year old, and with no brakes. It belonged to my dance class friend. So I would meet and greet this no-brake-tall-guy every Tuesday & Thursday surreptitiously during class hours. Sneaking out of class and chakkar marroing around the streets was a thrill.  What is interesting is that I could not climb onto the cycle normally, I had to find a boulder or a raised platform, from which I had to literally launch myself onto that tall guy and then quickly pedal off. What was even better was alighting fro