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Just another day for you and me in Paradise - poem

    Pic - Fishes in a lake - they stay away from the sides fearing birds, all cramped together. Suddenly one fish flips to it's back and dies! - Oh just an ordinary day in our LIFE!   Greed arrives in many forms, bearing gifts of clothes, jewels and food. I fail to resist and welcome them with eager desire. Ill will is a hazy person occupying my nether worlds, showing up at places and at times, that doesn't justify their presence. Sloth and Torpor are twins who live with me, I feed them everyday with procrastination. Restlessness and Remorse are cousins who visit me at times, inviting me to their games. I join them without thinking and regret in silence. Doubt, Oh Dithering as we may also call them, comes uninvited and occupies my mind. I don't know why I allow them to stay, even when I know that they are not wanted. Struggling with all these Unwanted Guests to my abode, I finally decided to invite Meditation and Mindfulness and they as guides are sending my unwanted guests

Memory - a life of experiences

    Memory – a reflection   A life of experiences they say, A life filled with memories I say. Looking back at what has gone is Sankofa, Taking strength to move ahead. Living the moment in recalling is Reminiscence, To savor the moment once again. Experiencing the here and now as seen before is Déjà vu, Perhaps a memory that is already felt before. Imagination and reality collide in Dreams, That takes us into many worlds of deep connection.   Past life memories are stored in our mind, Only reaching our conscious if we allow it to. Gathering and storing past memories The seeker has travelled many ages and times. Slowly as a ball of snow gathers speed, To descend as a mighty avalanche. So also, only when the time is right, When we can recall enough from our collective memories, When we have learnt enough from our past and memories, We can then choose to rise, To fully realize our connected humanity.        

Threaded Kolam in White!

    Why do I post my crochet?  To bring awareness to the process From ideation, to choosing of yarn, needle and design, until the last slip stitch completes and closes the design...we must stay committed and enrolled in the task at hand. We envision how it will turn out (of coure this is not originl design) but as the needle follows a set pattern, some parts may be changed and altered and so it becomes our own... We then see the end result with satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). The advantage in doing crochet is that one can unravel and redo it anytime (if we have patience for that!) ... and so on... This is truly encapsulating Life as we live it. How beautiful each pattern is...a pattern we make of it! ~~ White is the chosen colour and lends to so many metaphors : White is the colour I see when I close my eyes to meditate - a radiant white. White is the colour of the robes worn by God's Son and the dervishes as they spin in the moment. White is the rose that blooms unobtrusively W

SoulSpace StoryScapades! Vol 1 :No 1 : 2023

    Better late than never. Just recording some highlights of 21 and 22

Perfect - Imperfect

  Perfection and Imperfection Here and now in these petals are held. Words we assign to obects Do they care?   Each petal is... Each petal has been... Each petal will be...what it is always meant to be.   Perfect and Imperfect Here and now in these petals are held.   Words we assign to things Do they care?   We make meaning in our heads We make it what it is... We call it reality...that which is always subjective.  Perfection and Imperfection Here and now in these petals are held.   Words we assign to things Do they care?   Just sit with them Just watch them Just experience them...and call them no names. Just witness and know that this is closer to divine.