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Just another day for you and me in Paradise - poem

    Pic - Fishes in a lake - they stay away from the sides fearing birds, all cramped together. Suddenly one fish flips to it's back and dies! - Oh just an ordinary day in our LIFE!   Greed arrives in many forms, bearing gifts of clothes, jewels and food. I fail to resist and welcome them with eager desire. Ill will is a hazy person occupying my nether worlds, showing up at places and at times, that doesn't justify their presence. Sloth and Torpor are twins who live with me, I feed them everyday with procrastination. Restlessness and Remorse are cousins who visit me at times, inviting me to their games. I join them without thinking and regret in silence. Doubt, Oh Dithering as we may also call them, comes uninvited and occupies my mind. I don't know why I allow them to stay, even when I know that they are not wanted. Struggling with all these Unwanted Guests to my abode, I finally decided to invite Meditation and Mindfulness and they as guides are sending my unwanted guests