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Why does violence happen?

Sandy Hook Elementary School: a 20 year old walks unchecked into the school and opens fire, killing the Principal, Vice Principal, Psychologist and 18 children, and eventually killing himself…. From this statement observe many things  he had guns with him                         Nobody noticed/ stopped him                                Th ere was indiscriminate violence                                      Th ere seemed to be no stopping him once he started                                     He also chose to commit suicide     What evil? How does a guy with no previous records land up committing such a heinous crime? As Indians we can say: Oh this cannot be found in our schools. These Americans have no value systems… I have this reply for you my dear Indians, such a scene could become reality, just give yourselves another 10 years. Why does Violence happen? I found a great article that analyses the reasons, please read it here I work with children and I k