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Self suffecient

It is interesting that after a long hiatus, I choose this topic to start my second spell. Well it is none other than the ubiquitous maid/ paid help scenario…. Boring…C’mon…Don’t you have better things to write about? In Tamil we have a phrase; aracha maavu…to indicate a topic that has gone through the wet grinder of thought processes and has been pulverized infinitesimally!! I don’t intend to grind the same stone, but hope to show you another perspective. As all story tellers like to do, I now take you on a trip back to nostalgia. I vividly remember my childhood days in our sprawling suburban house, with its scarcity of neighbours. To maintain such a house, my mother surely needed help, and my earliest memories are of this family of 3 who stayed in the small outhouse that went with our house. Mother, father and a grown son, were employed. They came right out of the village, and I know for sure they disliked living in the city and the disconnect they felt with the job they were