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"The Most Incredible thing of All" - Hans Christian Anderson

                                                                                                     (image courtesy You Tube) While searching for an appropriate story to tell at a corporate event, I came across this story; "The Most Incredible Thing of all" by Hans Christian Anderson. Read it here: and watch it here by Diane Wolkstein: The story talks about the most incredible thing that a man (woman) can do and that is: to find joy in another's achievement without envy or jealousy! Simple, yet such a powerful tale that made me sit up and observe myself. Can this be a healing story -  it is. Every time I am faced with jealousy and envy; I tell myself the most incredible thing of all is to practice true joy at another's success. I enjoyed telling this story and it is still growing on me! Can humans live without jealousy and envy of the other? A very