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Memory - a life of experiences

    Memory – a reflection   A life of experiences they say, A life filled with memories I say. Looking back at what has gone is Sankofa, Taking strength to move ahead. Living the moment in recalling is Reminiscence, To savor the moment once again. Experiencing the here and now as seen before is Déjà vu, Perhaps a memory that is already felt before. Imagination and reality collide in Dreams, That takes us into many worlds of deep connection.   Past life memories are stored in our mind, Only reaching our conscious if we allow it to. Gathering and storing past memories The seeker has travelled many ages and times. Slowly as a ball of snow gathers speed, To descend as a mighty avalanche. So also, only when the time is right, When we can recall enough from our collective memories, When we have learnt enough from our past and memories, We can then choose to rise, To fully realize our connected humanity.