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Villipaatu - Creation Story and more

Watch : - Oh I how I wish I could translate this word for word! Shri Subbu Arumugam is proponent of the storytelling art form Tamilnadu called VILLU-PAATU which means Bow-Song ( Song from the Bow) Here he shares the Creation Story of the Art form: A Raja went into the forest and killed animals for evening he regretted his act, so he asked his Minister how he could was his sin away. His minister suggested that the Raja should sing!! So the Bow that was the symbol of violence was turned into a musical instrument by the creative Raja, and then turned the pot upside and place the Bow on it and started singing. The first note he uttered went like this : THANDANA THOM - which means I give myself to my art. So sing, play music, tell stories for the sake of the art itself...and not for the appreciation you could or want to get! Give Your Self to your Art , Give Yourself, Give : Thandanan Thom , Thandanana Thom!