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:) : Mixed feelings - a short story to talk about feelings - Life skills

:) : Ridhi is 5 years old and lives with her Appa, Amma in a flat in Indra Nagar. Ridhi’s Ajji had come to stay with them for some time and Ridhi was having a great time playing with Ajji and listening to her stories. But today Ridhi was feeling very sad. Ridhi missed her Amma. It was 3 days since Amma had gone to the hospital. “ Ajji How long to wait for Amma? When will she come back from the hospital with Appa.“ Has the baby come out from Amma’s stomach? I thought her stomach would burst with the baby becoming bigger and bigger inside” “You know Ajji I think a Baby is like cake.   I wait and wait and watch the cake mix growing bigger and bigger in the oven and then Ting the oven makes a sound and the cake is ready to take out, no?. I think Babies are like that – they have to become bigger inside the tummy and then finally one day they are ready to come out. “Ting”.  The doctor takes the baby from inside Amma and the Baby is ready like a cake...but ....but...only one

Crocodile Craves Chocolates - a story about Food Craving!!

This is a story written for Muktha Foundation Life Skills Programme, which talks about Food Craving and what it did to Very Hungry Crocodile! Once upon a time there was a Very Hungry Crocodile.  He lived in a river filled with all the delicious and yummy food that crocodiles like to eat - yes!  ...fishes and crabs and all that swims and is fishy.  But Very Hungry Crocodile did not like all this. He had a deep deep wish to eat Chocolates-  big big bars of chocolates and Chips - crispy crispy chips. You can ask me “How does a Crocodile know about chocolates and chips?” Let me tell you that in the river humans had thrown packets of chips and chocolates  and he had licked every one of the chocolate wrapper and the salty chips.  Now he did not want to eat anything else. He wanted to eat only Chocolate and Chips.  That night Very Hungry Crocodile prayed to the River fairy.  “Please change all the fishes to chocolate and all the crabs to chips packets”. The River Fairy w