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In and out, left and right I steered it and then took a sharp left turn. Damn! A dead end. A dead end! I am done for. I took the wrong turn. I had made a mistake. I curse myself. I drive the bike with greater speed, I drive it through the wall...I die. Shocked by my dream? It is not shocking if you juxtapose this dream to a real life situation. Isn't life very similar to driving a vehicle on the roads of life. It may be a two or four wheeler, depending on your "vasadi " which is in Tamil and the closest in meaning to "your capability". We make many choices in life and we take our turns and swerve here and there. Sometimes the route we take leads us to a dead end and then what do we do? Do we curse ourselves and turn around or do we curse ourselves and drive through the wall? I really feel the culprit to all of this is the word "Failure" When we reach a dead end, we just need to take a U turn and retrace our steps to a point that brings us b