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My Grandmother's hands

Here is a story I crafted for one of my storytelling was well appreciated by the audience... Soft and sooo fair; that was my grandmother’s hands. I could see her blue veins crisscrossing under her thin, translucent, stretched skin, it reminded me of baby rivulets gurgling through some snowy mountains… She was a very fair woman…and She told me  (actually my sister and I ) that when she got married at the age of 13 to my Grandfather who was 17 years old…everyone teased her by saying, he was as dark as kan mai (Kaajal) that it would rub off on her fair, snowy skin! Really they were such a contrast; Black and White! But I am telling you about her Hands, and those hands are what I cherish … Images of her sitting legs stretched, a she watched TV and tied the Jasmine flowers into strings… Images of her as she sat on the floor and made Thiri with soft white, natural cotton, and milk… Images of her as she made us all sit in a row…for Diwali…everyone in ord