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Friday, June 6, 2014

Boys are very empathetic...

Talking about boys and empathy may seem like an Oximoron(!), but trust me when I say that the species is not a lost cause in this front...
Let me explain.

Boys are empathetic towards different things that's all. It does not appear the same way as it looks like for girls. They show care and concern for their toys, they nurture their many hobbies and many more...

I am not joking or making fun, I genuinely believe their empathy looks very different:))

But a very important requirement for this is positive attachment with the Mother!! Then a sure fire empathetic boy is going to make many women happy:)) Perhaps with a great potential to be an Internationally renowned Therapist ;)

Talking about boys, I had a great time with my son one hot hot afternoon in Chennai. We were forced to walk down Santhome main road, after our auto broke down, in order to reach my sister's house. The topic under scrutiny was marriage as we had just drowned in a celebration for a close family member. As this was an arranged marriage, he wanted to know how and why this happened.

 But what I find most significant is his question to me....( He starts off as if he wants to know how his sister is going to go through the process...but as you can see its about him!!)
"Who do you want U to marry?", says He
"That's up to her" says Me

"But you know she will always come to you (to help her make decisions), you know that" says He
 " Ok, I agree, hmmm...let me see. I would ask her choose someone who makes her laugh, who is her best friend perhaps and who makes her happy" (I really had no answers but was just shooting straight from the hip!) says Me

"So who do you think I should marry" says He
"The same rules apply to you too" says Me

Even Quicker
"Marriage and Friends look very different" says He
"!!!!" (I have nothing to say)

So here I thought I was making a profound impact on my son and building his thinking and understanding of marriage, but I guess he understands much more through what he observes. Rather than just take my cliched words at face value, he chooses to interpret things more practically or is that pragmatically?!!

BTW my son is all of 11 years old!


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