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Quest for Self

The more I read, I find I am delving deeper into myself. Unless we are capable of valuing and applying concepts to our own lives, it is not worth trying to impart it to our future generations. The other way to see it is as we share such valuable knowledge, we also apply it to improve our lives. It works like an equation...or come to think of it in Chemistry we have a symbol for  a reversible reaction, and thats how I see this. As we Share we also Gain...   This time it is a challenge to prepare the content for a Life skills programme for students between 12 to 16 years. I did not start thinking of it this way. It all began with a need for counselling as there is a high incidence of children either running away from home unable to cope with the exam stress or just plain running away. I want to do this with stories, yet do not want it to turn out like a moral science class. I have nothing against such sessions, only that to treat such valuable sharing by using a text book format  m

Time for everything

There are times when Silence is welcome, A long day melts into solitude as I sit by myself Thoughts and words my companion. There are times when Companionship is welcome, As I linger hoping to find A voice or a thought to reflect with There are times when Memories are welcome Bringing in sweetness to the present From a past filled with them There are times when Dreams are welcome Yearning for its fulfillment With its passions and interests. There is a time for every thing

We the people

 BrahmoUtsavam in Kanpur!! Surprised and taken aback! The Telugu association in our unit is very strong and have helped establish a Balaji Mandir here. So they conduct this utsavam every year and this year saw them in full grandeur. I assure you the idol and the decorations are as beautiful and elegant as the original. The event and the celebrations, made me wonder at the beautiful amalgamation that is human kind. A Telugu speaking Vadiyar, conducting a very South Indian festival, in a land where Hindi is spoken, and worship is also conducted differently. So that implies he has to cater to this eclectic mixture. I am sure he too has learnt through trial and error over the years and found various ways and means to make it appealing to the North Indians. I could see it in the way he encouraged the crowd in his broken Hindi, at times translating the rituals and at times explaining the religious significance of the function itself (I attended the Kalyana Utsavam). The huge mega sized

On goofing up..

I read this post on Maami's Weblog...and did a double take. Well, when you think that you are the only one who plays such dangerous games with the Gas and Fire then you dont want to share it with all, and confine it to the four walls and two ears of the husband. But hey, here was someone who was openly admitting the goof they committed and the painful burns they sustained....well I did the same..except that, the previous day I left the milk to boil on the burner... ( Oh how I have come to think that the microwave is a safer option...yet goofs in that can happen too..but touch wood, not yet)... And boil... and boil...while I locked and left the house  for the sundry jobs that I was engaged in for the Ladies club hoohaa. Well in the first place I blame the event for my distracted state of when I reached home, a good 3 hours later...I found charred remains of the vessel. The countour visible but its contents in ashes. I counted all the "good " I had done...I h


Sometimes my lack of initiative, hampers and bogs me down. Having just finished with my first ever ladies meeting. I realise that I am such a "follow the leader"...!! Give me the job and I will do it well. Yet taking Creative Initiative comes rarely. I saw the way ladies come forward to decorate, participate and organize these things and it amazes me. What is in it for them?  The sheer challenge of doing something creative or the fact that they would be recognized for their efforts. There is nothing else. There is absolutely no necessity for them to do any thing! I have been cribbing about this job. It doesn't interest me, the way that it does them. Decorating and aesthetic arrangements, are just not in my line of interests. I like to keep things clean, hygiene is important ( much to my husbands dislike...he thinks I go over board). Yet I know where it comes form. While in NCC I have had some extremely difficult camps, where hygiene and basics where so badly compr


Ok is there any need to devalue your blog? I know I am going through this lean period and am not able to writer as profusely as I would, and probably am not writing on myriad and assorted topics of interest. yet why notch me down...?! You open the blog and scroll down for the familiar and comforting page elements that  you have added with painstaking care. Then you find the culprit sitting there, telling you yu have been lowered in status, because...?? Off with the blighted spot....

Let Me Awake

Sometimes we come to a point in life..I call it the Uuuuugh times. When we question why we are unable to focus? Why we are so distracted? I assume it is all the negativity that is associated with the job that we are given and how we percieve it. I accept. Any job requires a certain amount of positive approach. The problems inherent are to be solved and not looked as a liability. Though at a conscious level this is something I tell myself. I know unconsciously I am bogged by the negativity. Why am I cribbing so much? I have a bum job at hand. I am the Ladies club Secretary. If any of you have done this, then you would know it is not an easy task. Coordinating some programme for 100 ladies, is a big responsibility and if it is a job that has been thrust on you by virtue of the fact that husband  is senior and no one else is available (thats what they say!), then you feel absolutely short changed. I have another distress. I am non-hierarchical, by that I mean I dislike having to


I have not written in some times. You may wonder why....I tried but couldn't say what I wanted to and so after the first two lines I would depart, unhappy and unable. It is not that I have nothing to say, but there is much and not enough time to put it down, unable to type as fast as the thoughts seem to assemble. Frustrated I go back, to give it time to come back to me in real time so that I can put it down coherently. Does this happen to you?  I am working for the past 2 weeks in a regular school, albeit as a substitute teacher. But it is a new experience. I have never taught in a regular school, having worked with special children at the beginning of my shaky career path. Yes, I do teach my own children but that is more of a one to one discussion and an ongoing process in our daily routine. I wanted something to do. So I did it. After all I love to interact with children and this was a great opportunity to really connect with children in Kanpur. Yes I enjoyed it. Greatly