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Verse-Space - Are You on that Train?

Are you on that train? Rushing by. Moving so fast  I can scarcely see. The sounds and sights Wooshing by I look on A silent spectator. I strain and stretch To catch glimpses Of you  As it flashes by. I wave, I smile I sigh, I cry I am here but you go there. I know my thoughts But know not yours Where is the time? to stop and share  I too move on On wheels  That seem so slow Almost surreal. Memories and moments roll by me As I pick and choose some to cherish and see We know not  where we meet If we will  It may not be here...or there Or it could well be nowhere

Who is spiritual?

Funny question to ask...but if you know my path you will understand my question. My grandmother and grandfather were deeply religious and ritualistic, as is norm in a typical Brahmin family; and Iyengar to boot, they think they are the true blue Vaishnavaites...royalty even! My father and mother very theistic with an unquestionable, unshakable faith in the Lord. So growing up I was comfortable following their system, but in a half hearted lacklustre way. The obedient clasping hands in the temples or reciting shlokas when asked or prompted. Yet deep within me I was not sure why I was doing it. So I was quite happy to marry an agnostic. (That is perhaps the only point of difference with my partner that I do not mind! But that is another story.) Now having tossed and turned in this ocean of Samsara, I am keenly questioning this word spirituality or spiritualism. Right from the start I dismissed rituals as a fun aspect of the spirituality that I was a seeker of... But who then is