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Mullah Nasiruddin and his Wisdom are tales to be shared anywhere

Looking for a story to fit into the theme of 'Change' I came upon Mullah ' s stories. The last line is such a clincher for me. Do we really know who we are or is the soul clothed by a story called Personality...ahhh..this makes so much sense to me!! Read on: Who Is Who There is a beautiful story about Mulla Nasruddin: He had gone for a pilgrimage to Kabba, the Mohammedan holy land. And there were millions of pilgrims – because it is expected by the Mohammedan scriptures that every Mohammedan, at least once in his life, must go to Kabba; otherwise he is not considered to be a real Mohammedan. So even the poorest Mohammedan sell their houses, sell their ornaments, their land, everything, because at least once in their life they have to go to Kabba. So every year there is a great gathering. All caravansaries are full, all hotels are full. Nowhere was there any vacancy, and Mulla was very tired. He clung to the feet of the manager of a hotel and he said,