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Did you ask for RamLila?

Dear Anu, Your comment on my blog is very valid. What about Ramlila?..Yes Tell me about it!! Here is my sad story. When I called over the ladies for Manjal-Kumkum, they mentioned the Ramlila to me. That it takes place near our quarters and pretty close to where I live actually. So I thought I would get to see Ramlila, in all its splendour right at my door step. But, woe is me, this is what happened… 1) Another friend on another day informed me that the Ramlila was cancelled as there was fear of terrorism around these parts. ( Being a part of the defence services, all our units are soft targets, so this news though disappointing, was not new to me) 2) Then hubby comes and tells me it is on...Yipee I thought, all agog and ready to tell him to get seats reserved for us (privileges, privileges!!...Again thanks to hubby’s job profile!! Hehe!) 3) Here comes the best part. Hubby then with a spuriously sad face tells me that we cannot go, as it was expected that a crowd of 90,000 would be as


Sunday was a day to relax, the next day being Dasami was an off day for my husband. So I could be rest assured he would be more relaxed. Translate that as: I become hyper! I have to plan an outing, can't loose this opportunity, and there is much to see in Kanpur. It is the place where the 1857 mutiny happened and it is quite historic. Yet the place we decided to go, read that as I decided to go, was the JK temple, also the Radhakrishna Temple in the city centre. Built by the JK Singhania's of the Tyre fame. The pictures looked quite beautiful, and since these are auspicious days, I thought starting off our sightseeing sprees with a temple is a good idea!! Its a long drive from the airforce station, at Chakeri, off course in India it is not the distance that is actually relevant, but the traffic. I knew we were heading to the city on a Sunday and and on an extended weekend. I anticipated traffic, and we got it. Loads of it... Here in Kanpur there are 3 ways of reacting to traff

Some Dance and Dandia...

  I dragged my husband and kids to the Navrathri celebrations organised by the Gujarathi Association of our Air Force Station . It always happens that when we are in our own state, the enthusiasm and the mindset is automatic. Yet to recreate the same feel in another state, where one needs to firstly look around for like minded people, get them to participate and show the same interest is tough. I could see that when we went to this event. Any one who has lived in Gujarat, will know that all 9 days of Navrathri, Garbha and Dandia is danced with fervor and dedication by young and old alike. Garba is danced in a circle by clapping our hands and moving to a swaying rhythm. It is a very graceful and beautiful dance form, and when we see a large group moving in such unison. I tell you it makes me get goose pimples...silly me! But this is the India I adore. People of all communities living and enjoying the moment!! Dandia is danced by partners, holding sticks in both hands. The simple pattern

Some more light thrown on Golu and its history...yipee

I am excited! I found one reference, for the small write up I had given about Golu having made it's beginning during the reign of the Vijaynagar Kings (Krishnadevaraya). click here There is one paragraph in between if you have the patience to read. The 4th para to be precise. It tells that this custom started during the Vijaynagar period, and there is a reference to Golu dolls in Saraswathi Mahal Library ( Tanjavur) Yipee...I feel happy to have found it. Yet I know I read a longer bit somewhere else...I am still searching for this...

Display of another kind! My resident peacock...

  (Click on picture for enlarged view) I had to show you this guy who has made our garden his favourite haunt. He saunters into our front garden from time to time, and I am sure it is to peck at the juicy earthworms that abound in ours. He actually lives across the street on that person's terrace in fact. I have tried many times to capture him on camera...But it is only now that I was successful. Every time I would take out my camera he would scoot coyly away into the foliage nearby and I would be left bereft and cheated. Finally, finally this day I managed to quietly take snaps of him as he walked through the garden, and perched himself on the off white Magnolia tree( yes that is the flower, if I am correct!) He is an elegant guy, and gives one awooo sound when he enters my garden, so I know he is there.Yet the moment I open the door to the garden, which makes the most awful sound as it creaks on its hinges, he beats a hasty retreat, and that's why I had difficulty t

Golu 2009 sequel: The completed version...and some on!

So here is the completed version of my Golu. The rangoli, is done, I have lit the lamps for all to see. and the park/zoo is also there!! I know there are grander shows out there, but with my creative limitations, I have endeavored to do my bit! My daughter Uthara helped out with the park and zoo....I am sure she would have enjoyed being Chennai, where the enthusiasm is much higher and variety much larger. Some time in future when we settle down south I hope she is able to soak in the festive air of Navrathri in the South. Here in Kanpur, within the airforce the last 3 days are significant, starting from Ashtami, then Navami, then Dasami. All three days are marked by pooja and cultural shows. I am looking forward to my first authentic Gharba with the Gujarati Association...and also plan to visit the Bengali Pandaal. I have seen Durga Pooja by the Bengalis, it so happens that the area where my family lives in Chennai, has a very active and vibrant Bengali community and we have visited an

Why the Dolls?

I want to know why we keep the Golu/Kolu. That got me searching on the net. I got access to many many blogs, sites which talk about the process of keeping Golu, a custom followed by the Tam Brahms( Tamil Brahmins, who come from the Southern state of Tamilnadu in India), and some communities in Andhra Pradesh. But what is the story behind the Kolu? Still fruitless my explorations, I chanced upon a nice website, giving some information on Kolu Steps Click here Here they tell us how the different steps are arranged and their significance.Yet why do we keep this ? Well here goes the story behind the steps and the dolls.I remember reading this story a long time back, I am not able to find the link now. But I know I read it from some authentic source. If anyone knows/has validation for this story please let me know! Why The Dolls? During the reign of Krishnadevaraya, which was considered a golden age for South India, the people of his kingdom, so adored and worshiped him that they wanted to

Golu times 2009

  So here is our teeny weeny Golu in Kanpur...have not done much in terms of theme, Uthara and I still discussing it! We have entered the most auspicious season for most Indians, be it Hindu or Muslim. Navrathri as we say in South or Nawrathra in the North, marks the period before Dussehra. South Indians keep Golu, or the doll festival, usually followed by the Brahmin Community. North Indians observe fast. I must say they do impress me with their will power. My neighbour starts the 9 day fast "NirJal", meaning she goes for 24 hours without even water. I cant manage a fast for even one evening. (Gave that too up when I started having severe gastric problems!!) I for one enjoying keeping the Golu, and of course the socializing.This time as we are all convalescing post viral fever, I have not done much preparations. Still we have couple of days to finish the Golu. Come and see my pictures, nothing elaborate... Here is a link to a post from the same time last year, you may like

Following up... on What/How/Where of Locating Books for Children

At the beginning I wish to make myself clear… All opinions/views/ideas/suggestions expressed here are purely my own!! This is a personal blog, and my intention is to share information that is of interest to me, and hope that it could be of some use/interest to my viewers… Having made my disclaimer loud and clear, I will now move on…!! I realize that many are interested in books, and those working/ living with kids can have no other preoccupation!! So here is a compilation of publishers and the kind of books that is available in the market for children. I have combined foreign publishers and Indian ones. Many foreign publishers have entered the Indian market. So depending on your pocket, you can pick and choose what suits you. I found 3 publishing websites, with comprehensive lists of publishers. They are a western compilation, but as I said, there is no harm in knowing… www.publishing Enter these portals and look for children’s publisher’s a