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Stories to Tell in Crisis

Floods are natural and have happened and are happening in other parts of the world. This particular flood in Tamilnadu and especially the one which has hit my home city of Chennai and neighbouring locales may have happened due to many man-made or natural reasons...what we can now see is only destruction and desolation, lives lost, families separated, livelihood annihilated and people having to reinvent themselves all over again. What stories can we tell people in Crisis? What stories do we tell when children face a Crisis? But before we Tell...we need to Listen...and listen deeply. Listen to the pain and anguish Listen to the fear and frustration Listen to the confusion and uncertainity Listen to the disappointment, sadness, yearning. Listen to the guilt and blame Listen the anger and irritation Listen to the rage and fury Listen.... Then... tell them Stories... for yesterdays sorrow is today's story and tomorrow's sorrow is a future story.. I found a