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If I knew...

I read the article by Stephen Fry, posted on a favourite blogspot of mine. It is a letter written to his teenage self...I skimmed through it. I have one word to say...Mind blowingly Honest!! It's so true that adult hood is too much hype. Many of us wish, we could remain in our adolescent misery! Atleast back then, age was an excuse for lack of maturity, mistakes commited and general scapegoat for most actions. Adulthood rips the cocoon apart! You only have yourself to look upto. Marriage and children furthur isolates you, as you become wholly responsible... hey, hey..whoa...let me not get carried away on those serious lines... What would I really tell my teen goes... What I know now if I knew back then... # No matter how old you are, Parents will continue to treat you as if you are a teenager, irrational and impulsive...the only difference is that they will take your spouse's support to endorse it as well! So don't care; be doesnt make a difference

Current status: In Transition

I have no place to call my home. Why...I have no place to even call my house !! That's because we are moving lock, stock and barrel, shifting to a new city. Posted out, being the technical term...and...I tell you it's not a very pleasant phase to be in. I find myself desperately reading up articles on how to cope with change, and how to handle stress. Brisk walk and breathing techniques have already recieved adequate attention from me. My partner reassures me, that moving cities and displacement is the third most stressful event in our lives, which follows spouse death and divorce... (I know I sound morbid...bear with me...but read insights might be valuable if you share my predicament too!) For a short time, I remain now, in my parents house, nee.. Home , and I am transported back to my childhood and teenage days. I hold no connection to the city I have left. While this city that I was raised in, and this home that I lived in through my growing years, is my shelter. I