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Memory - Remember - Elder Tree ( reimagined story) - (4 minute read)

 Once there was a girl who got her feet wet and cold.  How could this happen when it was a bright sunny day?  Her mother undressed her and made her lie down on the cosy bed with some warm ginger chai (tea), having added a dash of turmeric, pepper and lemon grass. (Mother's feel better to add everything that will make us feel better!). Just then there came a knock at the door. It was the old man,(who they called Dadaji), who lived upstairs. He lived all alone, his children having moved to another country and his wife too deciding to take an early departure to the the other world. He was fond of children and often came down to chat with the little one. He loved to talk and chat and tell funny little stories that always kept the little one enthralled! "Now drink your tea, and then perhaps there will be a story in that for you"! said Mother "Yes! perhaps a new story will come to me today!" said the kind old story man from upstairs. "But tell me how did