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IKIGAI - Positive Psychology & Storytelling - Module 14

  Video :  (Links to an external site.) Story 14 – The Artist - Folktale from Gujarat Taken from the Collection of Folktales by AK Ramanujam Story Based Reflection – Why do you think Saralatha’s took this mission or purpose? What is a passion of yours that doesn’t let you sleep?    ~~   Knowing IKIGAI: IKIGAI is a Japanese word that can be translated as  Iki – Life   Gai – realisation of what one hopes or expects. In other words, it is the Reason for Being . Watch this Video: Click on link  (Links to an external site.)       The Japanese believe if we are fully engaged in activities we love or enjoy doing, then we lead a life of fulfillment. This concept closely aligns with the Greek idea of Eudaimonia or the idea of a well lived life. Ikigai closely relates to the concept of “Flow” as named and explained by Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in 1975. Flow

Gratitude : Positive Psychology & Storytelling - Module 13

    Video :  (Links to an external site.)       Story 13 : Banyan Tree and Kusha Grass - adapted from story The Blossom Tree  (adapted by Odds Bodskin for Spirit of Trees Website) Story Reflection Task :  1) Draw out or write about the relationship between the Kusha Grass, Chameleon and the Banyan Tree. Reflect on interdependence and gratitude. 2) If Gratitude was a colour what colour will it be? Take a page on your journal and colour it with all the colours of gratitude that you feel that come up for you.  ~~ Knowing Gratitude :  Gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now is the true prosperity. – Eckhart Tolle (spiritual teacher). There is a hymn taught in school :  Thank you for giving me the morning, Thank you for every day that’s new. Thank you for even the greatest enemy I can forgive”. Gratitude comes from the Latin word 'gratus' which means Thankful, pleasing. When we are grateful w

Humour - Positive Psychology & Storytelling - Module 12

  Video :  (Links to an external site.)       Story 12:       Nasiruddin and the coat                   Nasiruddin is a teacher               Nasiruddin on the pumpkin patch   Story Reflection Task :  1)  What kind of humour do you enjoy - slapstick or wordplay? 2) What does it tell you about yourself?  Knowing Humour :  “The human Race has one really effective weapon and that is Humour”– Mark Twain Humour is that which makes you laugh. In ancient Greece, it was known that the word Humor , which meant body fluid in Latin, was the fluid that controlled one’s health and emotions! Humour has been identified as one of the top 24 Character strengths and is classified under the Virtue of Transcendence. It  is a strength that helps make connections with the larger meaning and purpose of life. Humour has been defined in 3 ways: (Positive Psychology Workbook _ Bruce Smith) The ability to make others laugh or smile. The ability to see someth