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Love is in the Air

time flies on wings of responsibility as love cocoons us, in its warm folds of unconditional acceptance. Romantic? For sure, Love is in the air. Valentine's Day: February 14th, and much hoo haa . Moral Police play politics and beat the Indian public for aping Western culture. Sure are we not aping in every way? We wear clothes that is by far more western than eastern, we eat food, play games, have hobbies, entertain in a very Western way. many, many ways that the Western world has entered our existence. Is any thing wrong? Moralistic attitude here is so redundant. As we expose ourselves to other cultures, especially American way of life, we will be influenced and we will necessarily infuse many of those ways into our lives. Yet, if you have read Freakonomics, you will realise, that common place notions about changes in society is all a they state: It was expected that crime rates in the US will increase dramatically in the year 2000,

everything and nothing

fire and freeze calm and chaos still and turbid all in one one in all together it blends into a solution of emotions an amalgam of nature a being of immense dichotomy a human. The fire within me belies the freeze without. The chaos within me contradicts the calm without. The turbidity and murkiness inside me is deeper than the stillness outside. I am real and unreal at the same time. all and none up and down inside out Every thing and nothing.