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the flight

This one is for you sowms!! You gave her wings Wings of understanding, she took flight soaring high above, feeling the rush of happiness the touch of love. beyond words above reason moments of ecstasy a glimpse of paradise. within her she feels that presence she is he and they are one. higher wider deeper they travel nothing holds them together nothing can tear them apart invisible threads of understanding binding their hearts love like no other soars unsaid thoughts realised un-thought words felt real and unreal merge creating a space for togetherness earth holds no bird that destiny chooses to fly on wings of love and understanding.

translating thought to action

It’s only when our thoughts translate into actions that we reach out of ourselves and impact the life of another. (courtesy: The Art of Non Conformity ) How many times have you thought, you would contact a friend, and then never did it...or shall I say, postponed it...till date? How many of us have wanted to buy a gift for someone close( a friend, a neighbour..why even our spouse?), and then find we don't have enough time, the occasion passes by, or even...that the person passes by? How many of us have consciously reconnected with all that is important to us? How many of us truly appreciate the little things done for us and to us? And how many of us have translated that appreciation into action, rather than keep it safe within us as a word or a thought? We need to create a space for ourselves where our actions impact the other. If this does not exist then there is no relationship. We need to acknowledge the abundance around us and be present to the reality of all tha

the fall

she falls.... into that chasm heads down screaming no sound can you hear she spirals... into that shaft eyes open tearing images flash by she spins... into that void pores tingling numb too fast to feel she crashes. pieces of her scatter her body lies here but her soul is over there and her heart is elsewhere can she be this way? a shatter a scatter non-pieces fragile and fake. she lies there immobile pinned down. till they all come together there may be no flight.

A story helps us...

This is a small childhood incident, but its impact is felt by me even today. The purpose of this incident is served today as I choose to tell my daughter the same anecdote when she faces a similar situation...hoping that the learning I did not gain, she does get... I was in 7th standard, and my language skills were average and nothing very significant. B grade student. In my mind I was being compared to my sister who was 2 classes senior to me, and a more creative and talented writer according to the general feedback from teachers. There was this one story completion exercise that I did for a creative writing essay, for which the teacher gave me an A grade( my first). I was ecstatic. Yet the teacher when handing over my book said: " I hope this is your original work and you have not copied it" The impact of this was multi fold: I could never write again without feeling I am copying some one else's' idea... Original and creative took a different meaning, as I t

Chennai in transformation

Childhood memories apart; the city that I have lived in as a child, a teen, and an always the quintessential Madras to me... Last week a friend of mine returned from Chennai to Bangalore, and I asked her toddlers in a voice loaded with interest... "So how was Madras?" pat came the reply from my friend, "They dont know Madras, they know only Chennai" I took a double take. Its not the first time I have had to correct myself, both verbally and mentally. But this was the first time I have had to do it so unconsciously. Those born into the city called Madras find it quite difficult to call it by any other name. My so called roots. I have mixed reactions about the city, bitter sweet memories. I know no other city culturally and I believe I am both a spectator and a participant to the transformation that I see in it. The beach: Elliots beach is where I grew up. It is located very close to where my parents live and subsequently my in law

where we meet

Are you on that train? Rushing by. Moving so fast I can scarcely see. The sounds and sights Wooshing by I look on A silent spectator. I strain and stretch To catch glimpses Of you As it flashes by. I wave, I smile I sigh, I cry I am here but you go there. I know my thoughts But know not yours Where is the time? to stop and share I too move on On wheels That seem so slow Almost surreal. Memories and moments roll by me As I pick and choose some to cherish and see We know not where we meet If we will It may not be here...or there Or it could well be nowhere

The Humming Bee in the house....

I must thank Anu for putting me on to this blog.... It is fascinating as a mother to read another mother's journey. While my children were very small, I felt disconnected and so lost from the outside world. It is only in the past 5 years that blogging and internet has opened up such wonderful sharing. At the click of a mouse I am in someone's head, actually experiencing and listening to their thoughts.... This particular blog is by a mother who is parenting 2 gifted children. Surely she must be gifted. Her latest post triggered my thoughts today. She talks about her son's journey into the musical world, his forays into composing and the happiness he gets from it... In a different way but somewhat similar way I too have a story to share... I was a special educator while expecting my first child....(that was my avatar before this new one of a storyteller!). So you can imagine, I had severe pre-conceived notions and ideas of what

Compassion Unlimited

A very disturbing thing to watch.... A minuscule event in the microcosm I live doubt But its impact reverberates around me...remember how those shock waves are shown lapping out, surging out from an atomic bomb? Something similar. Cut.. The scene Three of us in the car. I am driving, one Pattani next to me, always. That seat is reserved for him...kind of bossy, I know, but the other Pattani does not mind... Then I see it... A poor Rat right in the middle of the road writhing in pain, in the midst of all that traffic zooming past it. The obvious had happened. An innocent soul had come under tyres, and it was agonising to glimpse that pain even for that fraction of a second... "Acho paavum", I reacted immediately ( Oh so sad) "Enna achu amma" asked the senior Pattani ( what happened?) " I saw a Rat on the road, writhing in pain di" " Say sorry Amma" ?? " But it was not our car di" Compassion, empathy is learnt fro

Tennis Tattles

I feel so children have joined Tennis classes... It went this way: I've been looking for some activity that would inspire them and kick them off their respective posteriors parked in front of the idiot box. We tried drawing classes, but that's a skill you can actually develop while cosily lounging on your own bed, in your own house and at your own leisure...unless the drawing teacher is really fun, and is showing you some really creative stuff.... But what we got was pages of pattern drawing, that got a good, a tick or a star. Kind of getting where I am going?.... Yep we had to let that down the drain...but to my defence we managed 6 classes out of the registered 8, so its not all that much. Then comes my favourite point of view that learning a sport is extremely useful for children. Was contemplating Tennis and Badminton...weighing them, when we found this academy for federers and sanias... Coach: Tall, friendly guy from namma Tamilnadu...Mad

things that get my goat around the house

As an endeavour to clear the upper storey and all other storeys between I have compiled a list of things that get my goat around the house. Feel free to add to it... I don't have any idea what I plan to do with it, just keep it I guess... Or I may use it to rethink and rework what I need to do with it....! I was a pretty mild woman growing up, but then something called "M" happened and things did a spiral from then. You can assume this M stands for can also assume it stands for Motherhood...and you can rightfully assume it also stands for all the Madness that I inherited by virtue of just being born!!! Things that get my goat around the house: ( As I am a student of science, this need to number and label lies very deep in my soul...almost engraved...I guess if I was able to I would probably draw diagrams!!) 1) Sketch pens that lie opened ...on the bed: I go berserk to find opened pens lying on a beautiful pale bedspread, spreading its ink and l