things that get my goat around the house

As an endeavour to clear the upper storey and all other storeys between I have compiled a list of things that get my goat around the house.
Feel free to add to it...

I don't have any idea what I plan to do with it, just keep it I guess...
Or I may use it to rethink and rework what I need to do with it....!

I was a pretty mild woman growing up, but then something called "M" happened and things did a spiral from then. You can assume this M stands for can also assume it stands for Motherhood...and you can rightfully assume it also stands for all the Madness that I inherited by virtue of just being born!!!

Things that get my goat around the house:
( As I am a student of science, this need to number and label lies very deep in my soul...almost engraved...I guess if I was able to I would probably draw diagrams!!)

1) Sketch pens that lie opened ...on the bed:
I go berserk to find opened pens lying on a beautiful pale bedspread, spreading its ink and lustre on the surface. Making me despair how the hell I am going to remove that...

2) Books, pens, paper( cut up: itsy bitsy sized), pieces of clothing, lying on the floor... and treated like they belong there and can never be in any other elevated status, in spite of many many racks and tables lying around the room....

3) Newspaper that lies forgotten on the carpet, waiting for its ghostly reader to pick it up at any moment and browse through and forlorn...can we not at least fold it back?

4) Here is a yucky one...dirty bathroom floors...I don't even want to expand on goes against my delicate sensibilities!!!( in spite of 3 years in NCC, I have grown into this super snob for cleanliness)

5) Wet, wet towels lying plonk on the pillow, or the bed

6) Squished up clothes, rolled up and jammed into the cupboard...I set it right( mine included), and I get the comment: why do it, when it is going to be messed up anyways!!...any answers to that?!

7) Freshly laundered clothes waiting to be folded on the bed, children sleep on top of that....may deign to push it aside at His credit, he has started folding clothes that he sees on the bed....that's because we are doing this season without a maid!

8) Every occupant assumes that I and only I know where things are kept, and I will produce it magically the moment they ask for it...Where is this?....Where is that?...Did you see my---?...Have you seen the---?...I can't find my---?and when I protest( not mildly mind you), they accuse me( yes accuse me) of being the neatness freak and if I had left things in their original place (which might as well be, middle of the floor), then they would/could find it!

9) You know some very common stuff, used plates and glasses in the drawing room

10) Finally, and not because this is the last item, but as I am now feeling ashamed with myself and my peeves, which seems childish and Oh so common...what gets my goat, is when after a decade of struggling, my partner finally started using a cell phone, but only remembers to leave it back home, almost every other day....cause he neither likes to receive calls, nor does he likes to make them...unless official/emergency!!...but again to his credit, he doesn't fail to apologise now, when he does forget...

I furtively sign off here, cause things can get pretty sticky....cribs are a plenty isn't it around the house?

Add yours...I wont blab!!


  1. sounds very very familiar Sowmya! I might have had a lot to add earlier....but now, I am learning to let go a bit, or just do things my way without grumbling!.......but I must say they do make an effort to learn and do learn, but not at the pace we expect!

  2. Forwarding this right now to the hubby who thinks am the only woman to sulk at these. The exact same reaction to point no.6. All I manage to say in response is 'Shut up and get away!':)

  3. you know what...everyone just ignores me when I am this way:))
    they have got so used it by now...

    thanks for dropping by

  4. guess these pet peeves are common to most of us!! am not really a clean freak, so am guilty at times of being careless myself, but then i am the one who has to clean up finally!


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