translating thought to action

It’s only when our thoughts translate into actions that we reach out of ourselves and impact the life of another. (courtesy: The Art of Non Conformity)

How many times have you thought, you would contact a friend, and then never did it...or shall I say, postponed it...till date?

How many of us have wanted to buy a gift for someone close( a friend, a neighbour..why even our spouse?), and then find we don't have enough time, the occasion passes by, or even...that the person passes by?

How many of us have consciously reconnected with all that is important to us?

How many of us truly appreciate the little things done for us and to us?

And how many of us have translated that appreciation into action, rather than keep it safe within us as a word or a thought?

We need to create a space for ourselves where our actions impact the other. If this does not exist then there is no relationship.

We need to acknowledge the abundance around us and be present to the reality of all that nature has provided us

We need to open ourselves to honesty, freedom and true self expression

Acknowledging people in our lives is one of the least rated activities....
We may appreciate things they buy us or even things that they do for us.


How many of us can genuinely go to each and every person in our life and tell them:
I am grateful for who you are in my life...
Thank You for being you, and being You with me....

We don't realise that any relationship, be it bad, good, negative, positive is what shapes us into who and what we are at the present moment.

The meaning we attach to these relationships is of course the value judgements that We make and subsequently that is what determines the quality of life we choose to create for ourselves...


  1. I am grateful to have some really amazing people in my life who have taken strong stands for me, even though I didn't realize it at the time but only subsequently. The other day, I acknowledged my older cousin for sternly guiding me in the right direction when I was recently going wrong. It was a stand that she took, to empower me in my own life. When I expressed my gratitude to her, she said that she didn't realize that it had made such a difference. She hadn't known that she was capable of something so strong, until I told her so. We discussed about how my acknowledgement empowers her and about what a difference such a simple action - a few words - could make in the everyday life of our loved ones and then some. They would know how powerful they really are.


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