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It is in your Thinking!

Youth is in your thinking... Or so I would like to think! I know some very old people who are extremely energetic and youthful in their thinking (my Dad for one!). While I huff and puff over mundane issues, he looks at any challenge and every crisis with glee! He has come a long way from being the eldest of a family with four siblings living in a one room “chawl” in Mumbai and sharing a common toilet, to being a Rural advertising pioneer; much sought after problem solver and go-getter! He is a person everyone wants leading their team What makes him unique is that these people not only focus on their own lives, but like a Tsunami, they are capable of holding on and carrying the people around them to greater heights. That is the difference! Yet they are ordinary folks with average intelligence who have climbed up the hard way. Is it intelligence? Decision making capability or clear vision? (Not really. I believe many intelligent, focused people lack what they

Story Time

I tell stories and when I have the space and audience to tell every weekend; regularly...what more can I ask?! Baba Yaga; a Russian Folk tale is full of fun and adventure, and loads of creativity too. Just like we have many Indian stories that get loaded and presented in different ways,so also Baby Yaga is a character who claims her right in many stories. The one I chose was for kids and they loved it. We also made a Witch hat at the end of it!! 

When your work is fun!

Stories for some are just play and fun, for sure that's true, and thats how it should be too Yet there is some serious thought involved  as what we say is what we hear  and what we hear is what we have experienced... so Teachers and all be aware of what you say  for little minds are creative and the experience that you give  is deeply etched in their hearing and  greatly reflected in their saying... So I said, when I did the workshop at the Airforce school in Bangalore as I emphasized the need for good stories, preferably Personal and Real as against Symbolic and Abstract, for the purpose of a story is to connect with the child and get his world... rather than thrust metaphorical stories on a mind that is too young to comprehend.... any comments on that is welcome....