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an indefinite wait

I walked a long way To find a locked door I stood hesitantly Do I turn and go? I walked a long way To hear words that echo in my dreams Nothing there No one here I walked a long way to wait with indefinite longing

Love ya arranged: kya farak padtha hai?!

Love ya Arranged? Surely we must be deranged To think we want to spend with one When happiness can come with none! Expectations and desires Are ignited around the same fire But whether they are met Is a fifty-fifty gamble net! The chase is good for some Or the courting romantic, But once the fellow commits His life sentence is mostly now legit! With awkward exchanges and gawky looks Family arrangement is the way for some, As she dons the mantle, nee hat Of super-woman, and, the door mat. Living, Loving, Laughing The toil is the same, Conflicts, confusion, confrontations The journey could be the same. But lets not disparage A union that brings two together Love ya Arranged क्या फ़रक पड़ता है ?! (The trick is to quickly surge forward Grab that spouse by the hand And gallop towards a destination Or just choose to enjoy the scenic road!) This was written for: IndiBlogger Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage call for posts