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Monday, June 7, 2010

Tulika Blog4....put your hands together...

This is surely an eye catching Blog theme,
Tulika is looking for rhymes/songs in other languages for its 4th blogathon.

Its interesting that I do things only when pushed...
Yes..this galvanised me to ask my Father-in-law for some songs and rhymes that he has been chanting to the children from when they were small.

This is one of his favourites...and the obvious reason for this partiality is the moral tone of the song! (what else!!)
So I made him explain the entire song and its implication to me, and here goes:

In a forest bordering a village lived some monkeys and birds. The two constantly argue with each other
Birds Sing:
Kurangare Oh Kurangare (2 times)
Kudi Irukka Idam Illayo?
Manidarai Pol Umakku
Kai kaal Irundum Payan Illaiye?

(Monkey oh Monkey
Do you not have a house to live in?
Inspite of having hands and legs like man
They are of no use to yu?)

The monkeys taunted by the birds, tear the birds nest apart...
Birds Sing:
Ada-da arpa Payale endru
Kattina kootai Pirithitru
Kadari oditru Kuruvi Kunju

Oh No! you petty being(boy)
You have torn away my nest
So saying the bird (sparrow)
ran away(flew) crying pitifully

and in chorus the birds sing:
Moorgarukku Nalbudhiyai
Ohdittal Payanillaiye

(Is there any point in trying to preach good thoughts to a foolish person?)

Well the last line was his clincher and the reason why my FIL loved to sing this song to us. To tell us that he was constantly trying to Tell/ Teach Good thoughts..and if we are foolish then we will only destroy the thought!!

Well here's another favourite of his, which my daughter actually sang for a programe on Sun TV, a tamil channel.

There are some real neat Mango songs in's one (again my FIL's version):

Inda Mambazham Iniya Jadiyaal
Vella Kathiyaal Seevavendume...2 times

Mael Irukkum thol Kasakkum Adalaal
Vella Kathiyaal Seevavendume...2 times

Ull irukkum thol Inikkum Adalaal
Mella Mella Naam Unna vendume...2 times

(This Mango is of a sweet variety
So slice it with a clean knife

The outer skin may be bitter
So slice it with a clean knife

The inner skin is sweet to taste
Slowly slowly let us eat it!)

The last one for the road! Here is a fun rhyme:

Baffoon Vandanam, Amma,
Salute Vandanam
Naan Irukkum Jorukku
Nee Irukkum Stylekkum
Baffoon Vandanam

Amma, Salute Vandanam!

This cannot be literally translated..but here goes..
Let us salute to the Baffoon(clown)
To his energy
To his Style
Let s Salute to the Baffoon!!

I hope yu all enjoy these lines as much as I did asking my FIL and getting him all excited. He actually sang and danced all 3 of these songs like there was an audience of 10 in front of him!

I am sure every house has such wonderful tellers, that makes me think I must write about them too...isnt it?
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